Saturday, June 8, 2013

Game 62 Lineup: Yankees @ Mariners

Well the Yankees had one bad inning and the bats were frozen solid. Hopefully they thawed them for tonight and they're red hot. Here's the lineup! 

Brett Gardner CF
Jayson Nix SS
Mark Teixeira DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Vernon Wells LF
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
David Adams 3B
Chris Stewart C

Andy Pettitte LHP


  1. Doug.....Yanks just tookone of those big upside HS players in the 26th Round. They took Paul Quantrill's son who was about a 3rd round talent but is committed to Stanford. Will be a great addition if the Yanks can somehow sign him....a good risk with a 26th round selection.

  2. fishjam, yes Quantrill seems to be a polished pitcher with a great change up. I don't see him signing it's a long shot. Stanford is a great school, the best in the country all things considered in my book, with a great baseball program.

  3. Just took another lottery ticket pick in the 30th round with Cody Thomas. Big, athletic 6'5 215 pound OF with big power potential but he's committed to play QB at Oklahoma for Bob Stoops.

  4. Andy is pitching a good game today, I would be tempted to pull him in the eighth even with his low pitch count. Girardi won't do that though.

  5. I take that back, Andy is a bulldog. Girardi couldn't get him off the mound today! I just saw a potential closer in the Super Regionals- Nick Burdi , a soph right hander. He is throwing 98 and will be in next years draft.


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