Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Day In New York Yankees History 6/26

On this day in 1939 the New York Yankees play their first game in their franchises history as they lose to the Philadelphia A's 3-2.

On this day in 1961 Yogi Berra collected his 2000th hit of his career against the California Angels in an 8-6 victory.

On this day in 1995 Mariano Rivera threw a five inning no hitter in the minor leagues before coming back to pitch for the Yankees. Mariano was started out as a starter but never flourished there and was thankfully moved to the closer role.

On this day in 2012 DeWayne Wise went into the stands at Yankees Stadium and "caught" a fly ball off of Jack Hannahans bat in the 7th inning. Relays would show that Wise did not catch the ball, not even close, but the play stood and the Yankees got a free out.

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