Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mark Teixeira's Season Officially Over W/ Wrist Surgery

Mark Teixeira and Yankees team doctors have officially announced that Mark Teixeira's 2013 season is over. Mark will have wrist surgery on that torn wrist sheath and will miss four to five months plus rehab before being able to resume baseball activities. Best case scenario would have Mark Teixeira back to 100% in six months but that would put him in the December time range which ends any chance of a return in 2013. Luckily for the Yankees, for lack of a better word, they have insurance on Mark Teixeira's contract and mixed with the World Baseball Classic paying for his time on the DL prior to the Yankees activating him have roughly 80% of his contract paid for this season. Just as an FYI Teixeira makes $22,500,000 this season so 80% of that would roughly be $18,000,000 covered. It is a shame that Teix lost the 2013 season but the 33 year old should be back healthy for 2014 and that is what he, and us the fans, have to hold on to right now. Get well soon Mark!

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