Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yankees 2013 Draft Signings Update For 6/18

The Yankees and 9th round pick Conner Kendrick have agreed to a deal to bring Conner to the Yankees family. His slot recommendation is set at $140,000 but it is not expected that the left handed pitcher will receive that much.

The Yankees and 10th rounder Tyler Webb have agreed upon a deal that will pay the left handed pitcher $30,000 which is $105,000 below the slot recommendation for his pick. Webb is already playing for the short season Staten Island Yankees and made an appearance last night.

The Yankees and 12th round pick Phil Walby agreed to a $100,000 deal to bring the right handed pitcher to the Yankees. This is exactly what the slot recommendation was for Walby.

The Yankees also agreed to a slot deal worth $100,000 with 14th round pick Caleb Smith. Every pick past the 10th round is slotted at $100,000.

The Yankees and 21st round pick Ethan Carnes have agreed to a $75,000 deal which is below the $100,000 slot recommendation. There is no savings unfortunately as that only applies to the first ten rounds but either way Carnes is a part of the organization.

The Yankees also signed their 39th pick when they signed Ty Afenir to a deal. There is no word on what the contract was worth yet but I highly doubt that it exceeds the $100,000 slot recommendation.

In other news the Yankees signed undrafted free agent Chad Taylor out of the University of Southern Florida. Taylor pitched and played outfield for USF's baseball team but we have not been told which he will do for the Yankees. The maximum we can pay Taylor without penalties is $100,000 but I doubt he comes anywhere near that.

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