Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brett Gardner = Hard-Nosed Ballplayer

If only everyone on the Yankees played like Brett Gardner.

Having already collected 3 hits on the night, the unassuming Brett Gardner, left-center-fielder for the Yankees stepped into the batter's box with the score tied 7 to 7.  FIFTEEN pitches later, he stood on first base with a walk.

Gardner has always been the type of player that "true" baseball fans love.  My definition of a "true" baseball fan is my father who always taught me to play the game with 100% pride and effort and to get on base anyway possible; to run as fast as humanly possible out of the box at all times; to shag line-drives in the outfield with reckless abandon.
"I fear no baseball"

With that 15 pitch at-bat against Junichi Tazawa, a 93-95 mph fastball pitcher, Gardner once again proved to me that he is EVERYTHING that I personally love about baseball...kind of a poor man's Derek Jeter.  If the Yankees end up winning this 3-game set with the Red Sox, it will be because of the type of play that Gardner displays every day on the diamond.

Here's to you Gardner and on behalf of "true" baseball fans everywhere, thank you for playing like you do!

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