Sunday, July 28, 2013

Derek Jeter Erases Power Outage

In typical Derek Jeter fashion, which at times resembles a Hollywood script, El Capitan erased the recent Yankee power outage (9 games without a home run as a team) on his first swing back from his second stint on the Disabled List.

Not only did DJ not look disabled, his swing on the first pitch he saw looked eerily similar to "in his prime" Jeter.  With the trade deadline fast approaching, the Yankees' brass has already acquired long-ago Yankee hero Alfonso Soriano.  With Jeter's Sunday return could they have gotten another trade deadline hitter to supplement the anemic Yankee offense?  This time in the form of a player already on the roster...

Clutch? Nope...just an everyday occurrence. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Jeter could be considered the most clutch Yankee hitter of all-time and he does it in Hollywood "you couldn't write this any better" fashion.  In his triumphant return he has just added to his legendary status.  As Yankee fans, we can only hope this continues the rest of the season.

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