Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HOPE Week Visits New Beginning Animal Rescue

The Yankees latest stop during HOPE week was to the New Beginning Animal Rescue clinic in the Bronx.

The Yankees sent Ichiro Suzuki, Brett Gardner, and Shawn Kelley to surprise the owners of NBAR Pedro Rosario and his staff this afternoon. The center allows young people the opportunity to gain valuable animal care skills at a young age and encourages them to continue the work as they get older. The players took a tour of the center and then assisted the clinic with their daily chores and such. NBAR will host an information booth at the stadium tonight starts at 4:00 pm ET at Gate 4 at Yankees Stadium. The booth will remain open through the fifth inning and fans are encouraged to ask Rosario and his staff about their mission at NBAR.

Click here to read Chad Jennings write up about the New Beginning Animal Rescue facility in the Bronx.

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