Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Files Medical Grievance Against Yankees

The Greedy Pinstripes brings you the latest episode of the Bronx is Burning II. On our last episode we saw that a lawyer from the Alex Rodriguez camp, Joseph Tacopina, accuse the New York Yankees of hiding his MRI results showing that A Rod has a torn labrum in his hip. Tacopina went on to claim that Randy Levine told the Yankees team doctor Dr. Brian Kelly that he never wanted Alex back on the field again. Now that we're caught up let's see the latest.

Alex has started the process of filing a medical grievance against the New York Yankees for mishandling his MRI results showing his torn labrum in his hip. Brian Cashman and Randy Levine have denied any of these allegations naturally so this should get ugly pretty quick when the whole appeal process starts in November before the arbitrator.

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