Friday, August 2, 2013

Biogenesis Suspensions Will Be Announced Monday

And the soap opera goes on and on and on....

First we heard that the suspensions associated with the Biogenesis steroid fall out would be announced the week after the All Star Game and that did not happen. Most recently we heard that they would be announced this week sometime and that did not happen either. Then we heard that these would be handed down today, Friday, and now I bring to you the announcement that the suspensions will not be announced until Monday. Well that is if you believe anything that comes out of anyone's mouth that is associated with these shenanigans anymore because I don't personally.

The timing is convenient for Sunday or Monday because most teams will have right at or around 50 games left in the season and most players not named Alex Rodriguez or Ryan Braun are expected to receive 50 game suspensions. Either way I am beyond ready for this whole ordeal to be over, processed, and passed us so we can stop speculating and talking about it already.

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