Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yankees Won't Accept Losing

Daniel Barbarisi reported that the Yankees held a closed-door meeting on Monday, in which they basically said they will not accept losing.

Although things don't look good for the Yankees, and fans such as myself are coming to terms with the strong possibility that the team misses the playoffs for only the second time over the past 19 years, I'm really happy that the Yanks are not about to lay down and take it.

While he wasn't the only one that spoke at the meeting, Derek Jeter once again showed everybody why he's the Captain, and why his mere presence around the team is worth so much (Joe Girardi and Robinson Cano
also spoke).
"This meeting yesterday, it was to make sure that we're all together, working toward that goal, and not getting off track and saying, '[losing] is going to be how it is,'" one veteran player said. "If we start thinking bad thoughts, we're not going to be successful. I think we kind of got a little bit of that, where we started feeling sorry for ourselves, and we can't do that, because then it doesn't work."
Even though there are few people who are happy to see Alex Rodriguez, his presence in the lineup is a good thing. Even if he's not the MVP-caliber player he was years ago, he'd actually have to try and be as bad as Yankee third basemen have been this year (they've hit .216/.272/.288 this season).

Curtis Granderson should also provide the team with a little extra something. His batting average since returning isn't great by any means (.231), but he's getting on base at a good clip (.412), and one of his three hits is a home run. So it shouldn't be a surprise at all if he betters Vernon Wells batting line so far in 2013 (.240/.285/.365).

Then we have the addition of Alfonso Soriano. Since he became a Yankee a little under two weeks ago, Al hasn't done a whole lot (.211/.231/.316 with one home run), but he is a threat to send one out of the park (he has 18 home runs this season). That power hitter was something this team sorely lacked before.

Even though I'm not expecting much from now until the end of the regular season, the team is set to do so damage. So I'm glad they aren't going to just lay down and accept losing.

Like how Michigan accepts losing to Ohio State.

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