Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hiroki Kuroda Appreciation Thread

Hiroki Kuroda has been the ace of the Yankees staff since joining the bombers before the 2012 season. I have to say I was leading the "skeptical because he is coming from Japan" and "also skeptical because he is coming from the NL West" bandwagons and Hiroki has done nothing but prove me wrong ever since. Hiroki has continued to get better with the switch of leagues and is seemingly getting better with age. Hiroki has not had the ace title or even position in the starting lineup but he has undeniably been the Yankees best starter not only in 2012 but this season as well. I am truly going to miss Hiroki Kuroda whenever it is he decided to hang it up or return to Japan because pitchers like him do not come along often, especially in a big market like New York. Thank you for putting us on your back Hiroki and trying to lead us to the promised land and the ultimate goal every season, a World Series Championship. Thank you Hiroki!

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