Monday, September 16, 2013

Manny Banuelos Is Pitching In Simulated Games

The Yankees, in true to form New York Yankees fashion, have been babying the heck out of Manny Banuelos after his Tommy John surgery but Manny is finally back on the mound and throwing in simulated games. Three weeks ago Manny B was throwing live batting practice and bullpen sessions so this is the next step in the long journey back from Tommy John.

Manny is in his age 22 season and looks to be on track to be back on the mound for the 2014 season after getting the surgery almost a year ago. Simulated games generally take place in months 8-10 but Banuelos is already halfway through month 11 which makes you scratch your head in regards to what the Yankees are doing but I have grown used to this babying and pandering to our players period, especially our young pitching.

Sucks losing two seasons of development at his age especially considering the fact that 2014 has to be at least partially a lost cause as he works to gain stamina, control, and knock the general rust off. We will not see the finished product of Manny Banuelos until 2015 at the earliest and I am not exactly sure that the Yankees can wait for that long the way things look right now.

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