Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mariano Rivera Day Game Thread: Giants @ Yankees 9/22

The New York Yankees look to beat up on the San Francisco Giants for the final time this season at Yankees Stadium as the Yankees present Mariano Rivera Day. The pitching match up could not have been drawn up any better as Andy Pettitte will be on the mound for the Yankees to face off with Yusmeiro Petit for the Giants. Friday morning we learned that Andy Pettitte will join Mariano Rivera on the retirement boat after the 2013 season so it is fitting that one member of the Cour Four is starting on Mariano Rivera Day. The only way this day could go any better, well besides both players saying they were just kidding and that they will be back in 2014, is for Mariano to save just one more game for Andy Pettitte and the Yankees win.

Here is your Mariano Rivera Day lineup
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano LF
Curtis Granderson CF
Eduardo Nunez 3B
Mark Reynolds 1B
Brendan Ryan SS
Chris Stewart C

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