Thursday, September 12, 2013

One last day of summer.

Ok, after last night's time capsule, it's time to go back to the present.

What can I say after last weekend. Combined with an awful Giants loss Sunday night, I was depressed. But, as Francesa said, they're still breathing. The Sox gave us a little charity on Sunday, but other than that, the bullpen was an utter disaster. The boys from Bahstan have to be one of the most dangerous and ANNOYING teams since the old days with Manny, Pedro and Ortiz. The beards can rocket away at any time; just give up a base hit to their eight-hitter and Ivan Nova winds up throwing almost 50 pitches in an inning. But, we're still breathing.

Let's talk about now. One obvious plus is that everyone the Yankees need to lose is losing. Kansas City keeps beating the Indians and Tampa can't beat the Red Sox. Thank God they don't need Oakland to lose; they've scored around 10,000 runs in Minnesota! In addition, next week, the two wild card leaders play a four-game set while the Yankees play TORONTO. I was really ready Monday to just spew drivel and hatred the Yankees' way, but with the cards falling right this week, now they find themselves one game out. Here's the problem; the starter tonight is...Phil Hughes. I read that last night while I wrote the flashback and thought, "God really hates me, doesn't he."

The let two games have been gutsy, gritty performances from everyone. The heart of the order has made a huge different. Tuesday, it was the A-Rod-Cano-Soriano pack again starting the rally; they plated four runs in the eighth to take the lead before recording an out. Shawn Kelly came on and threw a couple of wild pitches, but then Mo was Mo for save #42 for #42. Then last night, Grandy, A-Rod and ago all homered in a nail-biting 5-4 win, (that heart of the order again) but Mo tugged at my heartstrings a little; I hate to say this, but I really thought he'd blow it again. I hate to say that especially after I wrote a column specifically about NOT giving up on him after the Tiger series.

Now, the challenge this weekend. Lackey, Lester AND Buchholz (who I forgot was still undefeated) take the hill in Fenway against Kuroda, CC and Nova. The big concern, literally, is CC. His past 10 starts he's gone 4-4 with a 6.89 ERA, although he has pitched into the eighth his last two starts.

Hey, my theme this whole month is gonna be "One last day of summer." Can this old, creaky, veteran, but gutsy and gritty team complete a postseason run, or will it be curtains for the old pinstriped guard?

'Till Next Time!

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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