Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unrealistic 2014 Free Agent Targets: Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew has already passed on becoming a member of the New York Yankees once after the Yankees offered him more money than the Boston Red Sox in the 2013 off season only for him to take Bostons one year deal over our reported one or two year deal. The problem was the Yankees offered him less playing time then the Red Sox as we wanted him to play some third base and platoon and the Red Sox wanted him as an every day short stop on their squad. The Yankees, assuming Derek Jeter exercises his 2014 players option to return to the Yankees which he will, seem unlikely to be able to offer him much more playing time this season either and maybe less time next year then they would this year. As much as Stephen Drew would fit in with this Yankees team he still considers himself to be a full time player and with Derek Jeter presumably in the fold for 2014 I cannot see Stephen Drew having a change of heart after this season. 

Drew's batting average leaves a lot to be desired as he is around a .250 hitter at this point in his career but he more than makes up for that with solid defense and an adequate throwing arm at short.Drew has not hit above .300 since his rookie season in 2006 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Drew probably will not hit double digit home runs if he came to New York, something that before this season he had not done since 2010 which was his third consecutive year of doing so, and would be a bottom of the order type hitter for us I would think. As much as I think Drew would fit in with us being able to play all over the infield I cannot see him taking less playing time to play with us thus making him an unrealistic free agent acquisition for us in 2014. 

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