Tuesday, October 8, 2013

White Sox Will Pursue Curtis Granderson This Year

The Chicago White Sox are planning to make a serious push at Curtis Granderson this offseason as he enters free agency. The Yankees are expected to offer Granderson a qualifying offer for a one year deal worth somewhere in the $14,000,000 range with presumably a multi year contract. It is worth mentioning that Granderson was born and grew up in the greater Chicago area and went to High School there so there is always that factor to consider. Granderson has stated that he would prefer to stay in New York but he may duck and leave for more security in a multi year deal. Granderson missed 101 games with two freak injuries caused by hit by pitches but his value does not seem to have dropped as much as we may have thought or hoped so this is something we will have to watch closely, stay tuned.

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