Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yankees Scouting Jose Dariel Abreu

The New York Yankees are one of many teams that are scouting Jose Dariel Abreu  during his showcase workouts in the Dominican Republic. I have been clamoring for him to be our DH for next season for the better part of month now,the first and only to mention the Yankees having any interest in him by the way I would like to point out, and now the Yankees seem to have at least mild interest. Maybe Brian Cashman reads the Greedy Pinstripes after all, who knows.

It only makes sense that the Yankees at least kick the tires on him and check out his workouts since they are being held at the Yankees minor league complex in the Dominican Republic. Abreu has already held two showcases in late September and is expected to hold at least one more in October now that he is officially a free agent.

Abreu is considered to be an intelligent and patient, although not disciplined at times, hitter with one of those double toe taps that kills hitters. Sign the kid now and Kevin Long has all winter to eliminate the toe tap and get him to being a better major league hitter. Abreu is said to possess 30 home run power and is only 26 years old and could spend the year as a DH and first basemen for the Yankees when Mark Teixeira needed a day off. Abreu is a big target at first base standing 6'2" and 258 lbs with crazy numbers in Cuba that we have reiterated time and time again. Abreu is said to be in the market for a deal somewhere in the three or four year range worth $36,000,000 - $42,000,000 range.

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