Friday, November 15, 2013

Yankees Announce 2014 Spring Training Schedule

The New York Yankees have announced times, dates, and schedules for Spring Training for the 2014 season today. Baseball gets started on February, yes February, 25th with an exhibition game with the Florida State baseball team and goes all the way through March when they end it at home against the Miami Marlins on March, 29. Season tickets for Yankees spring home games at George Steinbrenner Field go on sale on Monday November 18 on or Individual tickets go on sale January 10.

Pitchers and catchers report on February 14 and their first full workout will be the next day on February 15. Happy Valentines day to all of you. Position players will report on February 19 and the teams first full team workout is the next day on February 20.

Interestingly enough the game(s) in Panama are not listed on this schedule so who knows when these will be announced or played so stay tuned.


  1. That FSU game should be interesting. Jameis Winston, the FSU QB, also plays for the school's baseball team. So that'll cool watching him face the Yankees

    1. that will be fun, I didnt know he was on the baseball team too.

  2. Yep, he's an outfielder and a relief pitcher.


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