Sunday, December 1, 2013

Robinson Cano Asks For 9 Years and $252 Million

UPDATE: Robinson Cano, according to Buster Olney, has asked for a nine year deal worth $28 million per season. Cano also asked for a vesting 10th year option worth $29 million. The nine year deal with an AAV of $28 million matches A Rod's first free agent contract handed down by the Texas Rangers at $252 million. Olney also reiterates that the Yankees are in the $170 million range but the good news is now we are only around $80 million apart rather than $100 + million.

So earlier today we learned that Robinson Cano did not ask the Yankees for a 10 year deal or $300 million and now we know exactly what he asked for. Cano asked for a nine year deal worth $250-$260 million in his most recent meeting with the Yankees last week. This comes after the reports that Cano's asking price came down slightly which sounds like it came down from the magic number of $300 million to me.

The Yankees are reportedly sticking to their guns at seven years and $168 million which is a far cry from what Cano is asking for, although closer then if he had asked for $300 million. The Yankees and representatives for Cano are set to meet again on Monday and try to come somewhere in the middle of this $100 million gap they seemingly have.

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