Monday, December 9, 2013

Yankees Believe They Will Get Matt Daley Back

In a world where the Yankees are spending like this current administration New York is not wasting any time getting depth either in the minor league to go with the spending spree and according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post that will likely include Matt Daley. Daley is one of the three guys that the Yankees non tendered in order to clear a 40 man roster spot last week before the deadline. The Yankees feel confident that they will get the 31 year old back on a minor league deal and stash him in Scranton.

Daley was used in limited action last season but impressed including being the guy that pitched that 9th inning after Mariano Rivera was taken out for the final time. Daley pitched to a 2.02 ERA in 53.1 innings in the Yankees system last season and New York seems to really like the Queens native so a deal is likely to get done.


  1. MATT DALEY...last years signing, that is special to me.
    This is not about Brendan Ryan. He is special. So he can't hit, he fields better than the 106 other
    infielders the Yankees ran out there in 2013. A plus, for this squad.

    This is about Matt Daley.
    Every year it seams, I embrace someone, that others want to write off. This year it's Daley.
    The heart of a warrior. Tough kid. Smart. Has taken his lumps / injuries...and has managed
    to pull himself back up. Most would have gone to work for GEICO. He did not.

    Resign Matt Daley, and give him his chance.
    I think the Yankees know this also. Very pleased.

  2. I too like it when the local guys get a shot to play for the big league team, adds a little bit of excitement to it all. I too tend to latch on to guys that are normally an after thought so I can relate. I hope they bring Daley back.

  3. ELLIJAY may still have time, to run out and light some candles...

    COREY HART...... Could Make Decision Tonight.
    By Charlie Wilmoth [December 10, 2013 at 7:59pm CST]

    " Free agent first baseman COREY HART could agree to terms with a team tonight,'s Adam McCalvy tweets. "
    God works in mysterious ways. Run, Daniel, Run !!!
    OK..."run, Forrest, run !"....but, get that candle lit.

  4. KEN...The Legioonaire are French ?

    Kenneth...that Gravatar being posted of you, is the most brutal yet !
    Do you have anything in a sports coat ? A beach outfit ?.....bring back the dog, please !

    If you used that Gravatar, while at the 'Yankee Fans Unite', they might have listened to you.
    And, they would still be in business.........a nightmare for normal humans.
    Instead they are now...the new " dead site "...A term, they liked to use regarding the great iYankees site.
    A site they could not hold a candle to.......Candles !..light one for Corey Hart

    1. Patrick...
      I will reiterate what I have said before...Do Not Belittle my Field hat! It is older than you are and has been my good luck hat!
      As for a sports coat, yes I do have a few but only for working in the back yard or the Casino.
      Heck, I only have pictures, up to my 35+/- year ages and only a very few of them. I can't help it if I am so old there is no way to take a good picture.
      But, I am going to put up one of my younger pictures.

    2. Patrick...
      How is this one?
      And don't call me names....."you are French ?" is not nice, you must learn to play more PC with your elders...or stand in the corner on a three-legged chair!
      Damn, I like dat dar un!

  5. THE 2014 SQUAD....these imaginary lineups, change by the hour. Crazy.

    Like going to see the Witch Doctor, doesn't Obama have one in Kenya, or the White House ?
    Sorry.....but when a witch doctor is asked about the 2014 Yankees, he throws out so many bones
    that I have not a clue. I am confused. Like today, six names mentioned for third base. Six !
    Yet, I sit on the edge of my chair, waiting for the next shoe t.....................Stay strong.

  6. YES, Kenneth !!......much better. You no longer look like Fidel Castro's son.
    I see a bit of a....Beau Brummell in you. The rogue, of western New York.
    Talk later.


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