Thursday, January 9, 2014

ARod Could Seek Injunction & Accept 65 Game Ban

According to the New York Daily News Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez could seek an injunction from a judge if he feels that arbitrator Frederic Horowitz's ruling is unfair, which is very likely. He is obviously very unlikely to get one from a judge but it is right to ask for one and with him suing the world lately why not right? The NYDN also reported that Alex would accept a 65 game or less suspension without a fight which I think is absolutely fair and what he should receive anyway. This would obviously match the suspension that Ryan Braun accepted last summer in the same Biogenesis fallout. Just waiting on you Horowitz.

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  1. Anyone see this from that "Want-to-be reporter", Howard Unger!

    "A-Rod Parties With Playmate Girlfriend as Arbitrator's Ruling Is Expected Soon"

    Then he goes on to say how it is somehow expected of A-Rod to stay out of sight and live like a Monk!
    This guy gets published because he comes up with all the everyday news about A-Rod and turns it into something that has nothing to do with him or anyone else! These reactionary garbage pickers and bottom feeders have no idea about being a real Journalist.
    He would have been kicked out of Journalism 101writing garbage like that. I know my professor would have had none of that sort of, "so called reporting"!

    So many, "writers" today take a story and change the meaning so much from the truth, that if read by one that was in the story...they would say; "I did all that, I must have had one hell of a day! Next time I'll try and enjoy it"!


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