Saturday, January 25, 2014

Omar Luis Arrested for DUI

Early Friday morning, Omar Luis was arrested for driving under the influence in Tampa. Luis apparently had a BAC of .102, which is quite a bit over the legal limit of .08. Omar reportedly drove the wrong-way down two different one-way streets, before two police cars got him pulled over. Luis was released after posting bail.

Luis was the final signee for the Yankees before the latest regulations on international free agents was imposed. You may remember that he was originally signed for $4 million, but it was reduced to $2.5 million after his physical revealed a bit of an issue. Omar defected from Cuba two years ago, and last season was sent to the Gulf Coast League, where he put up an ERA of 5.68, and WHIP of 1.863, in 11 starts.

I don't care who he plays for, or how big a prospect he may be... anybody that drives drunk should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He not only put himself in danger, but due to his actions he could have hurt many more. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson, and come back as a better person for it.


  1. Drugs and drinking...nothing said about that is bad enough!
    When taking one or both of them, you are not in total control of yourself...!
    Drinking helped make one of the greatest Yankees of all time into a great Yankee...not the Greatest as he well could have been. Add his many, many injuries to that and what you end up with is...Mickey!

    Drugs made one of the truly great all around players into a hated man!
    Side Note: the hated man was helped along the HATE path by a plethora of untrue stories and one of the biggest (uncontrolled) EGO of all time. The Mick, was an alcoholic and didn't get the help he needed!

    What a waste of God given talent!
    (Just me being me)

  2. I hate to hear stuff like this but he can recover from it. Mason Williams has, thus far, and so has Michael Pineda to date.

    1. Daniel...
      There is no doubt about it...with the help of the organization...he can get past this thing!


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