Monday, January 20, 2014

Tanaka Sweepstakes Down To Cubs And Yankees

The Masahiro Tanaka lottery will come to an end this week, either way, and word is coming down that Tanaka is choosing between two teams, the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees. I will embed the tweet when I am not on my iPhone but for now here is the link to the tweet:

This is all coming off the heels of Tanaka's wife mentioning that she preferred her husband to play on the west coast. Chicago has never been mentioned all along by anyone in the Tanaka camp so they must have offered him a pretty sweet deal, hopefully one that is not too good to refuse.


  1. Again if Hal get's outbid by the Cubs all Yankee fans will truly know that Hal was blowing smoke up our asses because there is no way shape or form that we should lose out to the Cubs

  2. I will begin the revolution to hit Hal in the pockets if we do not get Tanaka because the Cubs outbid us. Write it down. I also have stated I would start the Greedy Dodgers website if we lost out on Tanaka to LA.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)