Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alfonso Soriano Considering Retirement After 2014 Season

According to George King Yankees star Alfonso Soriano is considering retirement after his contract runs out this season. This personally saddens me because Alfonso Soriano is probably my favorite Yankee right now, I even have a picture of him on my desktop of him pointing after a home run. Soriano is entering his age 39 season and entering the final season of that huge contract the Chicago Cubs signed him to.

It is worth mentioning that Soriano is a mere twelve stolen bases away from 300 steals for his career. Match that with his 400+ home runs and 400+ doubles and he would only be the fifth player in Major League history to achieve the feat.  That's the Hall of Fame right there ladies and gentleman.

Last word goes to Soriano:

“It depends on how I feel.” 
 “If I am healthy I will play [in 2015]. If not, I will let it go. It depends how I feel.”


  1. Daniel...If Soriano is your favorite Yankee right now.....then why do you put up a photo of him
    looking like a F---ing idiot ?
    That photo angers me. You should have put a bit more thought into your selection.

  2. Agree - terrible picture. What were you thinking Daniel?

    1. Am I seeing things or is the great Tommy Wasp back in the fold?

    2. Daniel.....please allow me to introduce to you, Fat Boy Slim.


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