Thursday, February 27, 2014

New York Yankees Spring Training News & Notes 2/27

As we all probably know by now the Yankees dropped another game to the Pittsburgh Pirates today in the Grapefruit League. Probably not the way the Yankees wanted to start Derek Jeter's farewell tour, he made his spring debut today, but it's just spring. On to the other news and notes from the day.

Eduardo Nunez ate some bad salmon and blamed that on why he was not feeling well yesterday, Nunez says he is now feeling 100% after his 24 hour stomach bug. Eating some bad fish is better than the flu any day.

The Yankees have added Addison Maruszak to their spring camps and have got him a locker with his name above it. It was thought that Addison was just up for the day after being called up to replace the sick Nunez but he seems to be here to stay, at least for now.

David Herndon threw a simulated game today pitching to Jose Gil and facing Antoan Richardson and Zelous Wheeler.

Chad Jennings once again with the assignments for the day

Today’s bullpen sessions
Brian Gordon (to Francisco Arcia)
Bryan Mitchell (to Roman Rodriguez)
Shane Greene (to Pete O’Brien)
Vidal Nuno (to Jose Gil)
Matt Thornton (to Austin Romine)
· Batting practice groups (starts at 10:15):
Group 1: Derek Jeter, Brian Roberts, Ichiro Suzuki, Francisco Cervelli
Group 2: Russ Canzler, Brett Gardner, Kelly Johnson, Mason Williams
Group 3: Adonis Garcia, Jose Pirela, Brendan Ryan, Austin Romine
Group 4: Ramon Flores, Corban Joseph, Zelous Wheeler, John Ryan Murphy
Group 5: Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alfonso Soriano, Brian McCann
Group 6: Eduardo Nunez, Scott Sizemore, Mark Teixeira, Pete O’Brien
Group 7: Zoilo Almonte, Dean Anna, Antoan Richardson, Gary Sanchez
Group 8: Yangervis Solarte, Francisco Arcia, Jose Gil, Addison Maruszak
· Today’s second string: C John Ryan Murphy, 1B Jose Gil, 2B Corban Joseph, SS Brendan Ryan, 3B Zelous Wheeler, LF Jose Pirela, CF Ramon Flores, RF Adonis Garcia.
· Today’s available relievers: Jim Miller, Chris Leroux, Mark Montgomery, Robert Coello, Yoshinori Tateyama
· Tomorrow’s travel squad for Lakeland
Pitchers: Dellin Betances, Bruce Billings, Dan Burawa, Preston Claiborne, Matt Daley, Brian Gordon, Shawn Kelley, Fred Lewis, Adam Warren, Chase Whitley
Catchers: Francisco Arcia, Jose Gil, Brian McCann, Pete O’Brien, Austin Romine, Gary Sanchez
Infielders: Dean Anna, Russ Canzler, Corban Joseph, Eduardo Nunez, Jose Pirela, Brendan Ryan, Yangervis Solarte, Zelous Wheeler
Outfielders: Zoilo Almonte, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ramon Flores, Adonis Garcia, Antoan Richardson, Mason Williams
From minor league camp: Addison Maruszak, Caleb Cotham, Zach Nuding, Diego Moreno


  1. I still think Nunez should be the 3rd baseman not Kelly. Kelly is the one better suited as a utility player, he has done it over the years, one takes Nunez out of a position he seems to have a comfort zone is NUTs. We need right handed bats in this line-up.
    Think of it; #1 Ells, #8 Nunez and Brett at #9...I wouldn't want to face those three in the same inning.
    Ells give us about .290+/-, Brett at .270 +/- and Nunez at .270+/-...yes, he can hit at that, given a chance to play more than 2 or 3 times a week!
    Speed the truth if used properly! Let the other guys be the power guys, I like little ball mixed in to a line-up with the power we now have.
    Last year Brett had the second highest BA on the team, for every day players!

    1. When they are on and running that is a nasty bottom/top of the order. Nunez may not be a .300 hitter but he has pop in his bat and that is not nothing.

  2. I think a platoon at 3b with Nunez and Johnson is a great idea. Let's not forget that these guys are athletic enough to play multiple positions.

    1. I think the Yankees have come to this conclusion as well, just won't announce it.

  3. But Nunez is not a role player at all, he is the type that has to play almost every day! And I say again, Kelly is the better utility player, he has done it in the majors where as Nunez has not had any success doing it!

    1. Nunez has not had success doing it defensively, he can do it just fine with the bat coming off the bench. Nunez is not a guy the Yankees are going to give free reign to. He will be platooned and with Kelly Johnson. I agree, as you know, that Nunez should start at third.. just not going to happen.

  4. Ken, the Mad Hatter, is correct on this. Nunez is an everyday player, he suffers when he is played in a platoon or moved around positionally. In a platoon they would have to pass out helmets to the fans behind first base. As an everyday player, TWASP predicts he will hit .280+ with double digit homeruns.

    1. I don't know if he would match those numbers but, it could be close! Nunez is one of those players that seems to get confused changing from position to position.
      Put him at 3rd and keep him there!

    2. He was a SS only last year and showed a ton of pop in his bat, just couldn't stay healthy. Imagine how many times his helmet will fall off if he plays all season long.

  5. If a tie were to happen as to Kelly and Nunez at 3rd, play the home grown kid...always!
    Besides as I said before, Kelly is use to being a utility player and did well at it! Nunez...not so much!


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