Thursday, February 27, 2014

FOX Releases 2014 Broadcast Schedule & Blackouts

FOX has released their 2014 broadcast schedule that is showing at least 11 Yankees games, three of them on FOX and eight of them on the new FOX Sports 1 network. Some late September dates are still TBA, probably for pennant race purposes, so we could see the Yankees land a few more games on those dates if things are interesting down the stretch.

The best news FOX released today was that they are reducing blackout restrictions with MLB Extra Innings and What this means is fans like myself, who live in Atlanta, Georgia, are now able to watch most of the Yankees Saturday afternoon games if they are not broadcast on the YES Network. Under the old rules fans like myself were stuck watching what FOX thought I should be watching, which was usually the Atlanta Braves or the Boston Red Sox, so this part excites me.

HERE is the complete FOX broadcast list for 2014.

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