Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Frank Jobe Passes Away At Age 88

Today has been a terrible day for news, first we reported that Yogi Berra's wife Carmen had passed away and now Dr. Frank Jobe has passed away. Jobe is a surgeon who was the first to perform a Tommy John surgery on September 25, 1974. As we all know the surgery was performed on Tommy John and John went on to win 164 more games and did not miss a start after the surgery. Jobe saved the careers for a ton of Major League and minor league pitchers and had as big of an impact on this great game as anyone else. Jobe was 88 years old.

Jobe worked with the Los Angeles Dodgers for over 50 years and even saved the career and the shoulder  of Orel Hershiser, what would have been without Jobe. Jobe is survived by his wife Beverly, sons Christopher, Meredith, Cameron, and Blair, and eight grandchildren.

Our condolences and thoughts go out to the Jobe family as well tonight.

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