Thursday, April 17, 2014

New York Yankees Injury Updates 4/17

Mark Teixeira played three innings in an extended spring training game today playing in three innings and walking twice while striking out once. No problems were reported with the hamstring or the wrist and seems ready to go for Sunday's game at the Tampa Bay Rays.

David Robertson threw 25 pitches off the mound for the first time since his groin injury and came through everything fine. Robertson is on track to come off the disabled list on Tuesday when the Yankees are in Boston, perfect timing. D Rob is scheduled to throw in a minor league game on Saturday and take Sunday and Monday off before coming back to the big club.

Brian Roberts is back from his back injury and is in the lineup tonight for the Yankees. Roberts and his career .313 average against David Price is obviously healed enough to make the start tonight, great news.

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  1. It is good news to have Roberts back (no pun intended) in the line-up. With D-Rob and Tex back soon, it will help a lot, as we go against the "Beasts of the East"!

    On some other things, I am sure Daniel already knows, but some others may not!
    I was going over a list and "checking it twice" or more, I have found some interesting "Hype" on a few infielders WAY down on the Farm. I say Hype because until they reach "A" ball or above...who can tell!
    17 year old Torrens, all around game behind the plate good bat but not the power of some of those ahead of him!
    18 year old Abiatal Avelino, said to have everything to be a star SS that will hit for avg, but little power. He is said to have rated very high in all defensive aspects of his game.
    19 year old Gosuke Katoh, 2nd baseman...Rated him high in all categories and could play SS, except his arm isn't as strong as one would like for SS. He has shown better hitting ability than expected.
    22 year old Rob Refsnyder, 2nd he is changing positions from the OF, the hope is his fielding will improve enough to make him the Cano replacement in the future.
    18 year old Thairo Estrada SS...not a lot to know about him except he had one heck of a year, surprising many on offense.
    These are just a few of the two positions we have that may be the future of the Yankees starting in 2016-17.
    One thing to remember is, these guys have high upside but, we have all seen that go down the drain before. Hopefully the best of them make a new core two or whatever!


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