Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pineda Isn't The Only Cheating Pitcher Pitching Tonight

This is not as much of a John Lackey bashing post as much as it was aimed to put into perspective just how insignificant Michael Pineda's cheating really was. The world lost their ever loving minds when Pineda went out with a little, well since we're being honest it was a whole lot, of pine tar on his right pitching hand. Everyone in and around the league confirmed that the pine tar did not help Pineda do anything but grip the ball better. Pineda cannot get any other advantage such as cutting the ball, velocity, etc from the pine tar but was crucified in social media and on the major sports news outlets, looking at you especially ESPN. Well Pineda is not the only cheating pitcher that will be on the mound tonight.

Lackey divorced his absolutely beautiful wife Krista Lackey in the middle of her fight with breast cancer. Krista had both breasts removed and while fighting the deadly disease had to endure her husband cheating on her. Look, I know probably 95% of ball players cheat on their wives but you don't do it and then divorce them while they are in a fight for their lives. Whatever happened to "in sickness and in health" and until death do you part?

Let's win it for Krista tonight.

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