Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quick Hit: The Yankees Lineup This Afternoon

The New York Yankees welcome Mark Teixeira back to the team today and back into the lineup so what better time to take a look at who should be in that lineup today. Keep in mind that New York is facing Cesar Ramos, a left handed pitcher, so the lineup should be pretty right handed heavy. Let's take a look:

Jacoby Ellsbury
Derek Jeter
Carlos Beltran
Alfonso Soriano
Brian McCann
Mark Teixeira
Yangervis Solarte
Brett Gardner
Brian Roberts

I wanted to find a spot for Kelly Johnson, who hits lefties as well as he does righties, but found it hard to take out either of Roberts or Solarte. New York could always get creative and send Solarte to DH, Soriano to left field, insert Johnson at third base, and have Gardner come off the bench. The binder would never say that though...

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