Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Look At The Protective Pitchers Hats

In January of this season Major League Baseball approved a padded and protective hat for pitchers to help with line drives and career and life threatening injuries. The latest model is now being showcased in certain areas of the league, although no pitcher is wearing them just yet, and we got our first look on Friday when Blue Jays catcher Todd Redmond showed them off.

They say the hat can take a 90 MPH line drive to the front of the cap and an 85 MPH come backer to the sides of the hat no problem. Does anyone think anyone will wear these because I don't. Not even JA Happ, Alex Cobb, or Aroldis Chapman and that is saying something.


  1. Daniel...I know you mean well, but you really have to be laughing at this monstrosity.
    The only one who would wear that thing is Twasp. And, I could be wrong.

    I predict the return of the Navy divers bell, as the helmet of choice. Forty pounds of brass, and glass.

    Did you do a good job hiding the eggs ? One time. many years ago....after too many beers, I hid
    the eggs in the toilet tank. No one found them, and all you heard was crying.

  2. Of course the hats are probably seen as a joke around the league. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one, I'd rather wear an eye patch...

    We did okay only because the kids found them all. No smelling of eggs month later in the Burch house. Hope you guys had a good holiday as well.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)