Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yankees Draft & International Free Agent Slots Are In

The New York Yankees draft slots and International Free Agent pool numbers are in according to Baseball America, no subscription needed. The draft pool for the Yankees is $3.2 million and the International signing period cap is set at $2.2 million, a number the Yankees plan on blowing by this signing period.

The Yankees do not see a draft pick in this June's draft until the 55th overall pick and will have $1,018,700 to spend on that pick. The next Yankees pick comes in the third round and is set at $585,100. The Yankees will have to get creative if they want to sign many guys with that low of a signing pool.

The Yankees have the second lowest pool of cash for the draft while are ranking 17th overall in the international market. The Yankees surrendered their first three picks this offseason to sign Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Jacoby Ellsbury and lost their first round pick plus the two compensation picks they received for Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano's departures.

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