Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yankees woes continue

The additions of Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Brian Roberts, Hiroki Kuroda (re-signed), Brian Roberts, Matt Thornton and Masahiro Tanaka were supposed to improve the Yankees back into championship contention. Instead, the Yankees have stumbled to a 20-19 record out of the gate. So, what went wrong?

It’s getting to be the same old Yankees story. Acquisitions of older players – a group that’s skilled but will of course have age-related injury issues, a farm system that’s not producing the homegrown young talent needed to propel the team forward, and ineffective pitching, including a bullpen that doesn’t quite seem to have what it takes to get the job done of late.

It’s all eerily similar to how last season went. C.C. Sabathia has been ineffective and is facing time on the DL. (Luckily, it is nothing too serious). It might be worthwhile for the Yankees to consider bringing in Andy Pettitte to help guide C.C. to adjust to life as an older pitcher — a transition that Pettitte was able to make quite successfully. (I would suggest trying to coax Pettitte out of retirement, but sadly that’s not an option). Michael Pineda has been effective when healthy; however how much of his success is due to cheating – pine tar – won’t be known until he returns from his injury. (Side note: How hard is it to hide pine tar?  But I digress.)

Ivan Nova underwent season-ending surgery. Vidal Nuno has been atrocious. The only saving grace of the Yankees rotation has been Masahiro Tanaka, but unless Yankees brass plans on cloning him, the team has real issues on their hands. Injuries and ineffectiveness are the primary reasons for the Yankees lack of success (so far). The season is still young, but the lack of productiveness from the Yankees high-priced free agents is alarming.

This year was supposed to mirror the 2009 championship season, but it is looking more and more like last seasons. And yes, I will say it; the Yankees could use A-Rod – as he is an above-average third baseman despite his baggage. In short, if the Yankees plan to make the playoffs (and honor Derek Jeter with a final championship to top off his outstanding resume) they better start to get their act together very soon.


  1. Adam Hamburger, very well done and hit the nail on the head!
    Welcome to the family of TGP, looking forward to reading more of your post and comments!
    I could care less who they want to win the Gold for, Babe Ruth, Solarte or Jeter, just win it...and start to-night. (I am losing points on these games) LOL

  2. They're just a 1/2 game out of first guys. Relax

  3. But, but Jack!....
    They have all those great players and all that pitching, ONLY our guys get hurt and put on the DL...don't ya know? LOL
    Well...come to think of it, that's what we need...WELL, as in our players are WELL!

    Adam has it right as far as he production from the big acquisitions other than Ellsbury, but I see a light on with McCann and Roberts also. What a difference one 3rd baseman (we don't have now) can make in the wins and losses...the dumb sh-t!

  4. I get where you guys are coming from, but still, it is just May. Technically these games matter, you but you know, they don't as much

    1. I was pulling your chain above!
      I always wanted to win everything I did, it is hard to think of not winning. For years in my line of work, not winning...was not an option.
      But in a schedule of 162 games sometimes you end up losing one so as to win others down the line...saving your BP helps!


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