Friday, June 27, 2014

Anonymous AL Scout Not Confident Beltran and McCann Will Get Better

Since they were signed to deals totaling $130 million this offseason, it's been obvious to us all that Yankees DH Carlos Beltran and Catcher Brian McCann haven't produced to their full potential. 

The two veterans, 37 and 30, respectively, have hit just .218 and .223 so far in 2014, numbers much lower than their career averages of .282 and .274.

To most MLB fans, the duo's sudden drop in contributions has been surprising, something an anonymous AL scout apparently doesn't agree with, arguing that the Yanks made the signings without considering the risks involved. 

“Let’s face it,” the scout recently told the NYDN's John Harper, “as good as Beltran was in St. Louis, the Yankees took a chance on him at his age, with his injury history. And I think we all overlooked some age-and-injury slippage with McCann the last couple of years. They could both have big second halves, but I wouldn’t bet on it.”

While it is true that McCann's stats have weakened in recent years, it was logically expected that Yankee Stadium's short right field would help him increase his power, as he is a lefty who rarely goes the other way. 

As for Beltran, his .296, 24-homer performance last season was something the Bombers arguably had to take a chance on, even if he is getting old, an occurrence that hasn't seemed to effect him yet in his big-league career.


  1. JESUS ! anonymous scout said all that ?
    I know this guy. I held the door for him, as I was leaving the local 7/11.

  2. No ! Not a slushi ! was a Slurpee !....Cola, my guess.
    The scout also said on exiting....Grant Balfour, was a missed opportunity for the Yanks.

    1. He also said to try the nachos, my stomach says that was a mistake.


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