Friday, June 13, 2014

I've Got Til 5! - Trade Targets

While acquiring even one of the following players is something of a dream, there's no reason the Yankees shouldn't aim high when it comes to getting some help for this season and beyond.

CC Sabathia has been ineffective for more than a year, Michael Pineda looked great early this year but after another injury who knows what we'll get, Ivan Nova was lost to Tommy John Surgery, Brian Roberts has been little more than a zero, and Alfonso Soriano is as trustworthy as Miley Cyrus as your Godmother.

So let's take a look at some trade targets...

"I want it, and I want it now!"

1. Jeff Samardzija

It would be nice if Samardzija had more years of team control left (he'll be eligible for free agency after next season), but he could be immensely valuable this season and next. Besides, Jeff will be entering his age 31 season in 2016, so letting him go elsewhere may not be the worst decision. And he may not be an ace in New York like he is in Chicago, but he'd play really well as a #2 or possible #3 starter for the next two years.

While the Cubs got third baseman Mike Olt and pitcher CJ Edwards when they traded away Matt Garza, they are expected to get more for Samardzija. The main reason is because of Jeff's age and contact situation compared to Garza's at the time. So it could take a top prospect or two, along with one or two Type B prospects.

2. Giancarlo Stanton

Acquring Stanton through trade may be more of a dream than anything, but there are couple things to consider here.

For starters, while the Marlins are not horrible this year and could be wild card contenders in the NL, the team is well known for being stingy when it comes to spending on payroll. And seeing as how Stanton got $6.5 million in his first year of arbitration eligibility, he's set to make quite a bit in his last two arbitration eligible years. After that there's no way Miami re-signs the young slugger.

Secondly, the Yankees could clearly use an outfielder. Some fans may believe Soriano could come out of his slump and be a solid player, but I'd rather have somebody in the outfield that the team could depend on more often than not. That player could be Beltran if it weren't for the fact that his elbow has pretty much made him a DH-only.

The only real obstacle to making a trade for Giancarlo happen would be the price, which I'm all but certain the Yankees couldn't meet. But it's fun to dream... isn't it?

3. Chase Utley

The Phillies have the fifth worst winning percentage in MLB. They don't have issues with money, so Philadelphia doesn't have to be sellers, but dealing a 35 year-old and rebuilding would probably be best for business.

While it's scary that Utley has vesting options that go through his age 38 season, keep in mind that those options are only triggered if he has 500+ plate appearances in the previous season. And seeing as how he's only reached 500 plate appearances once in the last three years, it would be a solid bet.

4. Cliff Lee

While asking for Chase Utley and Cliff Lee from the same team is a tall order, I think there's better than a 0% chance it could be done. And thanks to losing Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova to injury, along with CC Sabathia being much less than the ace he gets paid to be, the team should definitely try to add more than one starter.

While taking on that much payroll would be rough, it's a lot easier to take than having to spend around four times as much on somebody like Max Scherzer or Jon Lester in the offseason. Besides, I know we'd all feel better about a starting rotation consisting of Tanaka, Lee, Samardzija, Kuroda, and Sabathia.

By the way, this would give the Yanks a chance to let Chase Whitley stretch himself out as a starter in AAA. That way he could return to the big club in 2015 and really show us what he can do.

5. Troy Tulowitzki

This is likely something for this offseason, as the Yankees are not going to push Derek Jeter off of shortstop (just like they aren't going to remove him from the top of the batting order). To be honest, this isn't something that I expect to happen at all.

While the asking price for somebody like Jeff Samardzija is high, the asking price for Tulo would be astronomical. Tulowitzki has the highest fWAR in baseball, while being in first place in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. Not to mention his 17 home runs so far this season are not too shabby either.

Can you imagine Troy taking over shortstop for Jeter starting next season? Forget free agents like JJ Hardy or Hanley Ramirez.

I'm not holding my breath, though.


  1. Love the Smarardjiza, Stanton, and maybe Lee proposals. NY has to do something. Nobody has enough to acquire all three. For some reason, I really feel that Smarardjiza will be a Yankee.

  2. I don't get excited anymore. Remember everyone really thought we were going to get Justin Upton last year. And a ton of others I can't think of right now.

  3. Whitley has been doing better and better every time he goes out! What is to say the Yanks may not have a good #3-4-5 pitcher on the team already? He has a change-up, Slider and Fastball.
    We all know those three pitches used the right way can make a pitcher! He seems to have OK C&C, which separates him from Nuno and to some extent Phelps also.
    I still think Phelps is better off in the BP but, as a starter he has been slowly trying to change my mind. He seems to be growing into the game, and could be a good #4-5.


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