Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Remembering Tony Gwynn In The 1998 World Series

As many of you know, and if you haven't I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Tony Gwynn passed away at age 54 yesterday after losing his battle with cancer. Gwynn left behind his wife and two children, one of them currently a player for the Philadelphia Phillies Tony Jr. While I realize this is a New York Yankees blog we have the utmost respect for all ambassadors of the game, especially one who played the game like Gwynn. Gwynn and the Padres did not play much against the New York Yankees due to limited interleague play back in his prime but the two teams did meet up in the 1998 World Series. Allow me to look back just for a second to that World Series and Gwynn specifically.

Gwynn's Padres were 98-64 heading into the playoffs and easily ran though the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros onto the way to the World Series facing off with the New York Yankees. As we all know the Yankees ended up sweeping the Padres in four games and I remember it well sitting on my couch with my broom in hand. Gwynn did everything he could in the series as "Mr. Padre" finished with a .500 average.

Gwynn hit a home run off David Wells in Game One in Yankee Stadium which Gwynn later called his favorite moment and the highlight of his career. Gwynn has 8 hits in 16 at bats and took one walk to finish with a triple slash of .500/.529/.688. Gwynn had three RBI's and the homer off Boomer Wells and an amazing zero strikeouts.

While this wasn't Gwynn's first World Series, his Padres made it to the Fall Classic in 1984 only to lose to the Detroit Tigers, but this was easily the most memorable. Gwynn was the Padres this season and will always be Mr. Padre.

Rest in Peace once again to Tony Gwynn.

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