Tuesday, December 19, 2017

All Talk But No Action...

Waiting for Santa Claus in the Yankees Universe…

My thoughts that this could be a busy week took a hit yesterday when it was very quiet in the Yankees Universe and around baseball.

One of The Greedy Pinstripes co-owners (Bryan Van Dusen) took it as an opportunity to make a compelling argument for the acquisition of Danny Duffy of the Kansas City Royals. I personally do not feel that the Kansas City Royals will trade Duffy. The organization actually received somewhat good news on Monday when the Boston Red Sox re-signed first baseman Mitch Moreland to a two-year, $13 million deal. The signing presumably removes the Red Sox from the first base market (they had been rumored as the favored destination for Royals free agent Eric Hosmer). There is now actually optimism in Kansas City that the Royals could re-sign Hosmer. The San Diego Padres have been mentioned as a possibility for Hosmer but they would have to move Wil Myers back to the outfield (defensively-speaking, Myers has been better at first than in the outfield) and they’d give up a second round draft pick as compensation since Hosmer received a qualifying offer from the Royals. The New York Mets and the St Louis Cardinals remain possibilities for Hosmer too, but if the Royals are successful in bringing Hosmer back to KC, they are not going to “tank it” for a major rebuild. This means they are not going to give up one of their best young pitchers in Duffy who is under team control for the next four years.  Duffy is also on record saying “Bury me a Royal” on Twitter in response to trade rumors. There’s no reason for the Royals to trade Duffy at the moment. Once they do trade Duffy, if they do, it will be a signal the team is ready to lose for the short term.  I don’t think they are at that point yet so I don’t see Duffy as a present alternative for the Yankees.  

The other TGP owner, Daniel Burch, has repeatedly said that the longer trade rumors persist about the Yankees acquiring Gerrit Cole from the Pittsburgh Pirates, the less likely it will actually happen. I agree with that assessment as GM Brian Cashman has a reputation for striking quickly in stealth mode. Hence, the Ninja reputation.  

Michael Fulmer does not presently appear to be an option since the Detroit Tigers are not motivated to make a deal. I am sure that every call between Tigers GM Al Avila and Cashman begins with “Are you ready to deal Gleyber Torres?” which abruptly ends the conversation.

So, at the moment, the frontrunner for rotation help appears to be Patrick Corbin of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

The D-Backs would love to re-sign outfielder J.D. Martinez (who remains the primary target for the Red Sox) but they would need to move some salary to make it happen. It’s funny how every Yankees move is somehow tied to the Red Sox.  Corbin is arbitration eligible for his final year before free agency. He will get more expensive so now is the time for the D-Backs to make a move to ensure they do not lose the pitcher for nothing next off-season. He made a hair under $4 million last season. The D-Backs have a number of arbitration eligible players this off-season so moving Corbin would help control escalating costs while bringing back quality prospects. Corbin was terrific after the All-Star Break last year when he went 8-4 with a 3.26 ERA in his final 15 starts. MLB Trade Rumors is projecting that Corbin’s 2018 salary will be $8.3 million. The 28-year-old lefty would certainly represent an upgrade for the Yankees rotation and the cost shouldn’t involve the team’s best prospects. 2B/3B Brandon Drury has been frequently mentioned with Corbin’s name and he’d provide some help for the Yankees at those positions. Drury made $559,300 last season and is not arbitration eligible until 2019. The 25-year-old righty hit .267 with 13 HR and 63 RBI in 445 AB’s in 2017.  

However, this trade rumor has been hanging out there since the Baseball Winter Meetings so the “Burch Rule” is probably in play (less likely to happen with each passing day).  

As for third base options, I keep hoping that the Yankees can find a way to bring back Todd Frazier. A one-year contract with an option for one or two more years seems like the best team fit, but the player may feel that he can get more years elsewhere. Buster Olney floated the idea on Twitter yesterday that the Yankees would be a great fit for Mike Moustakas on a one-year deal which of course was met with laughter that Moose Tacos would actually accept one year (his agent is Scott Boras after all). But in theory, I love the idea for the player to build more value in the stacked Yankees lineup and an opportunity to exploit the right field porch before hitting the free agent market next off-season. It will never happen but it’s fun to think about.

Last Star out of Miami, Please Turn Out the Lights…

I feel bad for Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly who remains one of my favorite people in baseball. After the Giancarlo Stanton trade, he publicly made comments about his excitement for the youth movement in Miami. The Marlins have since traded Marcell Ozuna to the St Louis Cardinals and a couple of their remaining young stars (Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto) have expressed desires to leave. Mattingly will soon be fielding a team of minor leaguers at the Major League level. He deserves better. It’s a tough situation for the former Yankees captain regardless of the smile and positive words that he gives publicly.

Credit:  Charles Wenzelberg, NY Post
Well, let’s see what today brings. Go Yankees!


  1. Garrett Cole would not like the A.L.
    Would not give up more than Wade and Cave or Hicks one for one.
    We need T.Frazier to teach Andujar and pass on Machado next year.

  2. I agree. Why should we pay $300 million for Machado when you can get fan favorite Todd Frazier for MUCH less?

  3. Scott Fielder vs Bryan Von Dozen...I know, you are all laughing.
    Who wouldn't ?

    Scott, great job again, much work went into your last post. Thank you.

    As for Bryan Von Dozen, the waffle man / waffle iron, perhaps he
    should read the post,from Scott today, a few more times....
    No waffleing there my brother.

    Today's readings of rumors : I don't think the Yankees, and the Pirates
    are a fit. RE: Cole......The Pirates want to replicate what the Yankees walked away with from the Cleveland, and Chicago swipes.
    Turn the page, Brian Cashman......Please.

    1. Don't worry about Cashman patrick! He knows he would get hung by the fans if he gives up what we have for an IF pitcher. We all know many pitchers can't handle NY and "Beast of the East" with all the pressure there in.

    2. Damn patrick! You're not happy unless you're pissing somebody off! Poor Bryan. He seems to be the one in your crosshairs now. I keep longing for arguments with Hans. Where has he gone? All we seem to be left with is the Reverend that seems to be sipping too much Communion wine, and a couple of other regulars.

  4. I'm here Levin and always willing to unload on people lol. I don't have anything to argue right now because the two Yankee targets I always went after were the elf and Didi and they have both done a good job lately so I have nothing to post and piss off anyone with my comments. I do have however think its time for Brett Girlie Swing Gardner to go but the elf wont send him packing. He too must have farm animal pictures of the elf

    1. Hansel...About time you surfaced. Common sense has returned !

      Levin thinks I'm a Nazi because I challenge Van Dozen. I think it's
      that dumb screen pix from South Park....it's always bothered me.
      To me, only someone from a halfway house would use that picture.

      Your input re: 'the big Yankee trade for Cole.'
      My mixed thoughts...The Pirates want a ton for Cole, and the outfield will still be blocked for young players.
      Watch for a stunning new name signing...not inc Frazier.
      Welcome back. Long Beach Polar Bears in 6 weeks....do it !

    2. Gardner may still be traded yet, but since Ellsbury has said he would waive his NTC to a few teams including the San Francisco Giants it looks like we are likely heading into Opening Day with Gardner in LF, and I am okay with that.

    3. Wait... My avatar is the issue? Wow. I set that years before TGP started and haven't given it a second thought, because I don't care enough about that.

    4. Bryan Half Dozen....To me, that dumb avatar is the issue.

      I see that childish immature stupid thing, and I wounder what
      type of an adult I'm dealing with.

      Give it some thought. You may "not care"...duh!...But most everyone else that has to view it, wishes they had not.

    5. I'm willing to bet most everyone doesn't even notice the avatar. I used to watch South Park, I'm a pro wrestling fan, and it's the South Park version of a wrestler I used to be into (actually stopped watching his stuff a little while ago, but like I said... didn't even think about the avatar).

      If it bothers you so much, though. I'll change it.

    6. Bryan Van Dusen. Please do not change your avatar. No reason to.

      I know I have been giving you a hard time for quite some time.
      I'll do that, when I believe that a person can handle my barbs.
      My error.
      My intent was never to insult, nor harm one's feelings.
      Therefore....I apologize.

      Don't change that avatar on account of me...I like it.
      To you, and your family.....a terrific holiday season.

      Next will be Levin, he thinks I'm a Nazi because of my comments
      towards you.
      In reality I'm just an Irish Republican, who loves the beach.
      Stay well / talk soon.

    7. I went ahead and changed it. Not so much because you gave me a hard time, but because it is old and needed an update.

      I took things more like "huh... ok" *shrugs*. While some people can still get a rise out of me now and then, I've chilled out for the most part. I think my last run-in with Hans allowed me to get it out of my system and move on.

      So keep giving me shit. It's cool.

    8. Ya Bryan it was quite interesting watching the attacks by Patrick with no shots fired back by you, however when I attacked you it seemed you moved your skirt out of the way and grew a pair. Very interesting to say the least

  5. Ken H, you are getting soft or turning over a new leaf! I don't expect an answer but anyhow!

    Didi has become...or on his way to being the best SS we have every had!
    Cashman made some very smart deals to upgrade the farm system!
    Castro is gone, not that he was bad just, not top flight, that's all!
    If they want to keep C. Frazier, Hicks must go...along with Brett. Or, keep Hicks another year, giving E. Florial another year to grow into the CF job. Thus, have Frazier in left, Hicks in CF and Judge in right/DH along with Stanton. Must not forget, in smaller LFs' Judge can play LF.

    Hopefully, enough to get you commenting more! Nobody ever said we had to agree to post or comment here. It's more fun having one bring up a point we have not thought of before. Hell, most of the stuff anyone brings up at this point is nothing but supposition any how...or hope!

  6. I like Reed's suggestion with the outfield, which means that I also agree with Hans. How's that for taking a controversial stance??? ;)

    1. I don't agree with Hans just to say I don't agree with Hans. I say keep Hicks, trade Gardner, dfa Ellsbury if he won't waive his no trade. That being said, Gardner has been among our more valuable players Hans. I'm just saying trade him because he has some value, and is now a roadblock

    2. Rule #1

      Never agree with Hans. He goes a while without talking with us if we do.

  7. I love Gardy and what he has meant to the organization but I would definitely trade him for his current value. It is time to open the door for the younger guys. If Clint Frazier isn't traded, he deserves more than just 5th or 6th OF. If he is traded, Jake Cave or Billy McKinney need a shot. Right now, Ellsbury is preventing this team from being the best it can be.

    1. Jeff Levin....Why paint me as an internet psycho ?
      Because I'm Irish ? And not third world ?
      Blame Van dozen. Maybe he should use a photo of 'binky blanket',
      from when he was a kid.
      Don't hammer......patrick !

    2. Agree, Scott. Clint has nothing left to prove at the Minor League level and it's more counter productive than anything to have him up here on the bench when he could be playing elsewhere, for another team or in AAA.

      Either play Clint or trade him so he can play elsewhere while getting a big piece back.

    3. I think we're all a little psycho patrick. Wasn't trying to single you out.

  8. And if I don't get to tell you guys formally I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate. I personally appreciate each and every one of you for sticking with us and for putting up with my shit, lol. I love you all and I hope for nothing but the best for the rest of this year and beyond!!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Daniel. And everyone else here.

    2. Merry Christmas to all of you...
      Daniel, for giving patrick and I a place to have fun!
      patrick, for sticking it out, making me laugh, putting up with me for many years!
      Ken H., whom I have great respect for and enjoy when we don't agree!
      Bryan, Co-owner of this site, taking the shots from patrick with his good nature!
      Jeff, who has been here as a buffer for all of us and partakes in the give and take!
      Scott Fiedler and "The Rev. for their contributions as writers and the help Daniel sorely needed!
      May you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    3. Kenneth...Please allow me to sign on to your holiday card.

      Glad you appreciate my humor.
      As for putting up with you for all those years ? Don't be silly.
      You are the best. I've known it from day one !
      All you other guys....drive carefully.

    4. I wish you guys all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. My you and your families each be healthy and Happy in 2018 and beyond. By the way did anyone see the article in the paper calling Cashman the elf? I thought it was hilarious as he will always be the elf to me

    5. Hanzel...This would be my stocking stuffer for you :
      * News Flash ! Blockbuster ! The Yankees traded Clint Frazier
      and Didi Gregorius today...for hard throwing Nathan Eovaldi !
      The 'Revolver' stated that his dream is to finish out his life
      in Brick Township.

    6. That's awesome Patrick, however I don't think I need too see part two of Eovaldi. Seeing part two of Vasquez a few years ago was all I needed to see.

  9. Now that it is indeed Christmas, I want to see this team do just what I have been saying for the last few years...build from the ground up, ad a FA/Trade for a player here and there but we have not needed to ad many.
    The call for another top end pitcher is not needed. We have to get rid of Ells (somehow-anyhow) and trade Brett (my fav player) he has been playing out of position anyhow. If Clint can handle left field, better yet CF, which I see no problem putting in CF! He can do a good job in LF or CF...play him or trade him...as some of you fans have said. Florial is a year away maybe more, he is a true CF'er.

  10. Before I forget, like I always do! I must add this to the enumerable things to clear up!

    I, as well as most Yankee Fans would like a top gun as one of our starters...my question is WHY? We have people right now that can pitch in the rotation and do a good job (off and on).
    Use the people we have, just as with any other player we have had over the years...they have to take their lumps just like everyone else.

    Bottom line: we have enough talent on the 25 man to get the job done in 2018. We don't NEED a pitcher, don't buy one just because we WANT one! We will never know what a pitcher can do if he only plays in "AA" or "AAA".


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