Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Time To Call Up Robert Refsnyder

"Here's Reffy!"

As many of you know, if you follow @GreedyStripes on Twitter anyway, I have been the biggest component for showing some patience with Robert Refsnyder. Refnsyder at the time had a handful of games played for Scranton and was still in the middle of learning the second base position. I am a huge advocate for learning a new position as a rookie in the minor leagues, not the Bronx, so the player has one less thing to worry about but all these points are moot now and the time is now.

Refsnyder played 28 games at second base in Triple-A and made only one error in the field although he did make nine errors in Trenton at the same position. Refsnyder was then moved to the outfield and has experience there from his High School days. Refsnyder is hitting well over .300 in every stop he has made this season and is not just knocking on Brian Cashman's door, he's banging it down "The Shining" style.

Refsnyder can play all over and should play all over just to get his bat in the lineup. If Beltran and Ichiro need a day off you can plug Refsnyder into right field. If Brian Roberts needs a day off you can plug him in at second base. If you simple need a right handed bat in the lineup you can plug Ref in at the designated hitter spot. Just get him up and get him into the lineup. Now.

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