Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick Hit: It's Not Early Anymore, No More Excuses

It's not early anymore Yankees family, welcome to July baseball for New York. Gone are the excuses that the offense is going to get it going. Gone are the excuses that Brian McCann is struggling to adjust to learning a new staff and struggling to transition to New York. Gone are the optimists that say we are playing below our standards or the pessimists that say we are playing above our heads. It's July and we're halfway through the season.

I grow ever so tired of hearing how Carlos Beltran will improve, Alfonso Soriano will improve, Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, etc. will improve. Yangervis Solarte well victim to the large sample size and these guys have too. This is why a bat is much more important than a pitcher right now.

No more excuses from the fans and no more excuses from the management. It's win now, add players now (by trade or from within), and deal with it for better or worse. It's not early anymore Yankees family.


  1. You're absolutely right. My suggestion is this. Release Johnson, Roberts, Soriano, and Suzuki. Replace them with Roller, Pirela, Refsnyder, and Almonte. Then take whatever prospects we have that people want, and go get a good starter.

  2. I would like to hold on to Ichiro, he can play CF in a pinch and speed kills. I find it hard to believe we couldn't be a .500 team with those three released and the three prospects called up.

    1. I didn't really have an issue with Ichiro. I just suggested it because of Girardi's managerial philosophy. If Ichiro is left as an option, he will be given the bulk of at bats vacated by Soriano instead of them going to Pirela. I do agree that he still has useful tools though.

  3. Pirela is useful because he can play outfield and infield. Problem is he lacks power to play a corner spot in the outfield, where the Yankees have been playing him.

  4. I heard someone request dropping Johnson, Roberts, and Soriano. Then bring up; Roller, Pirela, Refsnyder, even Wheeler and Venditte (wip of 1.304).
    I got it!

  5. Wheeler up, let's hope it's just the beginning.


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