Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yankees "Regularly" Scouting Chase Headley

It seems like it's been years that Yankees fans have been wanting the team to acquire Chase Headley. And why not? The guy hit  .287/.376/.460 between 2011 and 2012, and even though last year wasn't "great" Headley still had an OPS+ of 115. 

But Chase hasn't been as good in his age 30 season, as his triple-slash is a paltry .201/.289/.322 through 62 games in 2014. So the Yankees would certainly be buying low on the guy, hoping a change of scenery gets him going again. 

Well, I would like to see the Yankees make a move on Headley. For three reasons...

1. Thanks to being a free agent after this season, and hitting so poorly, I don't think it would cost much too trade for Headley. Not only would he be fairly cheap due to how he's hit this season, but the Padres seem to be in rebuilding mode, so probably wouldn't mind shedding nearly $5 million. 

2. Even if Headley continues to struggle this season, it's not as though players like Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, and Yangervis Solarte would do much better.

3. I know some people hate BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play), but you can't deny the fact that Headley's BABIP is really low. Throughoutt his 8 year career, Chase's BABIP has been .329, but this season it's dropped all the way down to .243. Furthermore, his Line Drive percentage of 27% is higher than it's ever been. So you can make a strong case that Headley's run into a bit of bad luck this season.

4. What better way to see if he can handle things in NY, and possibly help shore things up in the infield in the future, than this audition? 

So while the Yankees could spend less than top talent to trade for Headley, they can make that big splash for a starter. Like I said, it's not like he'd do any worse than what we've already got. So as long as Headley only costs money and a low prospect, then why not?


  1. I have no issue acquiring Headley. Right handed power bat really balances the lineup and we def need it since Yangervis Solarte has fallen victim to a reasonable sample size.

    1. For the record... I'm only "in" on Headley if the cost is low. I don't have a ton of faith in him being great again, but a cheap trade for him still allows the team to spend big on a starting pitcher. Face it... the team doesn't have enough to get a big SP and a big IF by trading.

  2. I whiffed on his herniated disc. That could be a problem, but as long as he comes cheap then I would say "go for it".

  3. CHASE HEADLEY, third baseman, with disk issues.
    Will he make a difference ?..No.
    Will the Yankees continue to spiral away ?...most likely.
    Will his .201 batting average fit in with the other big bats ?...like a glove

    Like the sun coming up, will Headley rise also at the stadium ?...he is batting .201 for a reason !
    Kelly Johnson, at this point in time, is just as good....if not better.
    Trading for Headley will not chance anything.

  4. CANDLES....religious candles.
    I went to light candles this evening, for the team, at St. Francis Church in Wantagh, NY.
    Father Dominic came out, and said.... "patrick, don't waste your money, or your time.
    What those guys need is a raker, a masher, a true smasher, a ball buster, a force."

    I told you so. Now Father Dominic, who knows Jesus, is saying the same thing.

  5. If a Father says it then we must be doomed.

  6. Brian Cashman..." I'M READY TO ROCK & ROLL."..........really ?

    ' Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo '
    First recorded, 1970.....Johnny Winter.

    " Yeah, rock n' roll, hoochie koo
    Lawdy mama, light my fuse
    Rock n' roll, hoochie koo
    Truck on out and spread the news
    Yeah "

    Brian, you dam better be ready to rock....this team in flat lined....yeah.

    1. Hi Patrick...
      Why not let us know how you really feel about this mess of zombies we have on the field. LOL
      Nobody will admit it when you have it nailed, they live in a world of maybe, could and will but that's not the way real life is.
      Some fans had better start looking where the trouble really is, not where they are told it is. And take off those Rose Colored Glasses...things are not roses and cream.
      Pitching could be better but, other than only going 5 or 6 innings and wearing out the BP...they have kept us in most of the games, with a lot (to much) help from said BP.
      I want cheep new blood and that is down on the farm, and how bad do they have to be, to NOT out produce some of our regulars.

  7. Never trade with the Padres they will want our best players for another has-been...3B Chase Headley!
    That is their M.O., they trade a guy in his 30's(+) for 2 or 3 young kids with good talent. Then they laugh all the way to the WS in a few years with our players leading the way.
    Yankees should watch and learn the Padres way. I thought they had it back in 2009, they let guys on the down side go and saved big money...then they, well you saw what happened.

  8. I don't think even Billy Beane could get much for Headley at this point, let alone a team without a GM that is in last place trading away a .201 hitter that is set to be a free agent. We'll give up a A-Ball pitcher, probably from last years draft, and call it a day if the trade goes down. The Padres want the salary relief, not to restock the farm.

  9. Zelous Wheeler was called up today. He is a .300 hitter, albeit in Triple-A, but maybe he heard the rock song and it was a catchy little tune that he decided would not leave his mind until he did SOMETHING. If so, nice work Patrick

    Subject : The Yankees, a team in decline. Fix it.
    Student : Brian Cashman, Yankee General Manager.

    I begin by stating, I like Brian, always have.
    But, his baggage is filled with a multitude of failed moves / signings. If he was ever on the
    edge of job termination, he is now. Others that pay him his hefty salary, must indeed see
    what I, and others see. Get it fixed, or pack your bags.....now.

    Trading for a .500 pitcher with a 5.00 ERA, will do nothing.
    Sending young talent to San Diego, for a .201, third baseman, is dumb.
    Zelous Wheeler ? Who names their child Zelous ? Why is he here ?

    So, Brian, this should be your final exam.
    You are paid to be a top of the line General Manager. You are not paid to fall on your face.
    I think even the Mets, may have discarded you by now. That was cruel. But honest.

    Your replacement if you fail this exam ?....Gene Michael. Lord, I only wish he was younger


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