Monday, July 7, 2014

Will Yankee Stadium Help Or Hurt Brandon McCarthy?

I love to look at BIP locations to see if a stadium will possibly help or hurt a player or pitcher so I decided to look at Yankee Stadium and Brandon McCarthy. McCarthy has been pitching in a hitting friendly Chase Field in Arizona so it wouldn't be a huge step for him to go to Yankee Stadium. McCarthy is a sinker ball pitcher that gets nearly 60% of his outs on ground balls but what about the one's that go in the air? See below:

Dark Blue = home runs
Lighter Blue = Triples
Light Blue = Doubles

All his home runs are out in Yankee Stadium which is not all that surprising. One triple gets out in Yankee Stadium but he's only allowed one all season so I don't worry about that one. Enter concern, eight of his doubles allowed get out of Yankee Stadium and another three (almost four) make it to the warning track. I always wonder how much the ball travels in New York as opposed to Arizona so I worry about him keeping the ball down, even at a career best 55% ground ball ratio this season. All his line outs, fly outs, pop outs, etc are easily outs in New York as well so it seems like when McCarthy gets burned he gets burned, but he's still ultimately better than Nuno and that's a start.

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