Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yankees Acquire Chris Capuano For Cash

More when I am not mobile but the New York Yankees have acquired left handed starting pitcher Chris Capuano from the Colorado Rockies. The Yankees will send cash considerations back to Colorado for the veteran lefty. 


  1. CHASE HEADLEY...check his resume, this is a highly educated, intelligent person.

    He said the following, on Wednesday, and after reading it........I just smiled.
    When asked his about being on the Yankees, Headley responded.....
    " It is my privilege, and honor, to be on this team."

    Welcome, Mr. Headley....take your place along the line, you are needed.

  2. So, Cowgirls...Rumors aside, who is this " Bat ," ...that Brian Cashman is looking for ?
    He has done well leading up to the trade dead line.
    'I have no clue, other than it will come out of the blue.'
    A lymerick.....from patrick.

  3. WARREN THE STARTER !!!....listen to this poster from today's New York Daily News.

    Heriberto Rivas, is the man's name. Not Irish, but he has a point.

    " The use of two capable starters are needed. Young phenoms starting in the minors can relieve, freeing Warren to start with a limited innings count right now... If you can't trade for a reliever. O'Brien power deserves a call up to play 1B, RF &\or C. Give Tex a two week rest & O'Brien a view. There's a couple of rooks playing 2B in the minors that could inject more energy, stamina and youth into play, giving Roberts a break. You'll never know who would stick if you don't pull a move, trying it can't hurt much and give much results."

    Creativity....I love it.

  4. Agreed on Headley. Guy seems like he genuinly wants to be a Yankee, and not because they paid more than everyone else. That will truly be tested this winter obviously if New York offers him a contract .

    Cashman has said he is targeting a bat for a long time but I haven't heard the first rumor. Then again Capuano, Headley, and McCarthy were out of the blue surprises. Francis too.

    The problem with Warren starting is you burn out the bullpen getting him stretched out. It will take until probably September to get him at 100 pitches... may be too late then for the rotation and especially an already overworked bullpen. O'Brien would be nice but he is farther off than Roller or Refsnyder both.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)