Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hiroki Kuroda Undecided About Playing Next Season

Hiroki Kuroda remains undecided on whether he will play next season or not and where he will play if he does play in 2015. For two consecutive seasons now Kuroda has decided late in the offseason whether he would return and where he would return to so this time around seems no different.

Kuroda has stated that he would like to finish his career in Japan where he career started and has also expressed a mild interest in returning to the Los Angeles Dodgers as well. The last two winters Kuroda has stated he would only pitch for the Dodgers, the Yankees, Japan, or retire and no signs point to that being any different this time around.

After two consecutive fades in August and September and a third still incomplete he may be pitching his final month and a half in New York either way.

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