Monday, August 11, 2014

Yankees Chasing Baltimore For First Place In AL East


  1. I would guess, that this is the youngest Burch ?
    A handsome lad, indeed.
    My guess, is that he looks like he wants to throw down his sidearm, and sabre....for this
    2014 season ? A smart lad.

  2. Mortuary science continued.......
    If the team comes out of Baltimore....9 games out.
    You are all invited,... to my house for beers, and to listen to the Zac Brown band.
    Bad feeling tonight.

  3. BEING A DOPE : Not, patrick....I've been called worse.

    You would have to be a moron, or a total dope, not to see where this season is headed.
    Why rehash, you see as I do.

    Not ready yet....but my sidearm, and sabre are prepared to be lain in the sands.
    Is help on the way ? And, for what use ?
    Mgmt. may have already thrown in the towel.


  4. No, not the youngest Burch. Just a meme I found on the internet, there is some resemblance there though lol

    Beers yes, Zac Brown I'm iffy on.

    I think it may be too late for help. Too many teams to jump and far too many holes to fill. Especially if Kuroda is hitting his wall again


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)