Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 New York Yankees, a Team Defeated

I usually let things stew in my mind for a day so I can collect my thoughts before I put them into words and the Yankees walk off win Thursday night is still fresh on my mind. This victory was frustrating to say the least but a victory is a victory is a victory. It just bothers me a little that the team looked so uninterested and undetermined on that walk off win.

Gone are the days of the team rushing the fielding, jumping up and down, and celebrating after a walk off victory. Gone are the days where Brett Gardner actually tried to sneak attack a guy with a cooler of Gatorade as a congratulations for a big hit. Granted, gone are the days where the games actually meant something and mattered.

I realized this was a walk off error technically and not a walk off hit but still, it’s a win in front of the home crowd in the bottom of the ninth. I can remember, as this was Chase Headley’s third walk off of his Yankee career already, Headley’s first two walk offs came with big smiles, fist pumps in the air, and celebration. This one almost seemed expected and taken for granted.

Maybe I’m too invested in this team but I can’t help it. I refuse to give up hope until the math says I have to. Well, or until Shawn Kelley and Joe Girardi’s bullpen management says I have to anyway. Let’s win another this afternoon and put this memory out of my head for the time being. 

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