Friday, September 26, 2014

Coupon Clipping Hal Will Bring Back Ichiro Suzuki

Hal Steinbrenner and his brother Hank Steinbrenner were apples that fell far, far away from the tree when they were born. Their father, the Boss George Steinbrenner, cared about nothing other than winning with this team while the brothers seem to be more focused on staying in the background and watching the cash roll in. The Yankees signed Ichiro Suzuki to a two year deal two years back in the hopes of him reaching the 3,000 hit club in New York for the media exposure and the paying fans in the seats. With Ichiro still in playing shape and now comfortable with his reduced role I could see the Yankees and Hal Steinbrenner signing Ichiro to another two year deal for another shot at history and 3,000 hits in the Bronx.

We all witnessed how much the Yankees benefited, financially speaking, from Derek Jeter day, the return to Yankee Stadium for Masahiro Tanaka, Jeter’s last game in the Bronx, etc. and the Yankees know that Hall of Fame players and milestones put butts into the seats. Ichiro is conceivably two seasons away, even as a part time player, from reaching the 3,000 hit plateau in America and has remained healthy and surprisingly effective in the last two seasons on the bench for New York.

Ichiro may not have the power stroke he once had and he may never hit for .300 ever again but his legs are still there and that counts for something. His ability to play all three outfield positions also helps with the Yankees flexibility and game plan to give everyone as many days off as they can throughout the season. I’m not saying I necessarily want Ichiro back in the Bronx for the 2015 season but I think Hal Steinbrenner does and I think he will when it’s all said and done. 

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