Friday, September 26, 2014

My views on Derek Jeter

By now, you've all seen the great moment Derek Jeter had to send Yankee Stadium into mass hysteria. I'm going to reflect on Jeter for a little while. Let me start off by saying I'm only 21 years old, so his early years before 2000 are a bit of a grey area to me. But, I've seen everything since and remember it dearly, as I'm sure all of you do. 

Let's talk about Jeter for a minute, why not? This is a guy if you're being completely honest with yourself never was the most talented shortstop in his career at any point in time. From '97-'03 you had guys like Nomar Garciaparra, Alex Rodriguez, and Miguel Tejada. All of those guys did one or multiple things very well, that on a scouting grade would rate an 80 (also known as a 100 in school). Jeter probably had his highest grade around a 65, which is very good, but nothing like A-Rod or Nomar. Jeter was what scouts like to call a Halloween bucket. A bucket of a bunch of good things that you're happy with, but nothing's great or terrible. 

You know what made him what he is today? His hard work, perseverance, and most of all will to win. When you put those great virtues mixed with the Halloween bucket, you get Jeter's playing ability. 

It's also seemed quite apparent that he's had a knack for the moment, no? I've always been quite interested in why he always seems to do the Hollywood-esque play when it's least likely. I heard someone on ESPN today remark about how unlikely his career was, I believe it was Colin Cowherd. He brought up the example of back in 2011 how Jeter needed 2 hits to get to 3000, but was slumping very hard. The All-Star break was coming up and the Yankees were set to go off on a long trip after the break. What does Jeter do? Naturally breaks out of his skid against David Price and goes 5-5. Those types of games and plays are littered throughout his career. Let's take last night for example. Yankees are leading 5-2. One of the top closers in the game David Robertson comes in, Sure thing, no? He gives up the lead on two rockets to left field. A guy named Jose Pirela whom the MLB Network broadcast was mispronouncing his name all night gets a hit to lead off the 9th. Who'd have thought? A well placed bunt and Jeter is up, wouldn't ya guess it, to win the game. 

Every producer and director would read this script and throw it in the garbage. Why? Because it is too good to be true. That personifies Derek Jeter's career, too good to be true. A guy who came up from the minors with no great tool to become the greatest offensive shortstop of the live ball era. Who'd have thought? 

My thoughts are rather mixed and odd, I know, but this is the perspective a ton of scouts and I have regarding Jeter. Just wow. We will not see another player like him for a long time. Farewell Captain. MLB fans everywhere will miss you, now, or in the future.

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