Friday, September 12, 2014

Young Homers Again, But Warren's Blown Save Gives Orioles 2-1 Win Over Yankees

Brandon McCarthy tossed 7 shutout innings and Chris Young hit a go-head solo home run in the top of the eleventh, but since that shot to left was all the bats would do in the contest and Adam Warren blew the save the Yankees crushingly lost the first game of today's doubleheader, 2-1, to the first-place Baltimore Orioles.

For the Yanks, unfortunately, the defeat was their first since Tuesday, snapping a mini-two game winning streak.

And no, it wasn't pleasant to watch.

To start off the day of disappointment, New York stranded two in the top of the fifth when Jacoby Ellsbury lined out to right, before also leaving the bases loaded in the seventh when John Ryan Murphy flew out in foul territory.

Still, due to the escape acts of Dellin Betances and David Robertson in the eighth and ninth things eventually went to extras, where Young would connect on the aforementioned homer off Brad Brach.

No, things weren't over at that point, but considering the O's had looked pretty bad prior to their final at-bat it seemed safe to say Warren would get the last three outs.

Instead, though, the usually-reliable Yanks' reliever had arguably his worst outing of the season, walking two and hitting one to set up a walk-off two-run single by PH Jimmy Paredes, one that heartbreakingly landed just inside the right-field line.


  1. 20 INNINGS......ONE RUN.....Not bad. Did anyone expect more ?

    Yeah, it's been god awful this season re: offense. But, there's hope. No, not candles !
    Finding front line pitching, from what I've learned, is a very difficult task.

    With McCarthy, Greene, and Pinada in the fold. And, fingers crossed, the return to health
    of the fallen starters....... ( I think Sabathia is done. Good knee, or bad's over. )
    Other than Sabathia, the future looks brighter. Don't you ? No ? Try this...
    Then add in James Shields to that mix.....not bad , ehh ?
    I think the Yankees have the pitching. I bet you do also.

    The offense corrections / additions will be fun to watch.
    A cleansing of the roster will open spots for many new faces. Maybe for some that can even hit !
    With Jeter, Drew, Cervelli, Ichiro on the outs, and perhaps a major trade ( Gardner / a catcher )..
    there will be openings.
    I firmly feel the offense can be corrected quickly, but they have to be creative / smart.
    Boston just did it twice. Even using beards.

    It will be a fun off season. Yes, off season, again. So lets, Cowboy-up !
    Turn off the life support system, and let's turn the page

    Rocket Reed...are you ready for another beer ?

    1. Agreed. This year was just another one. I mean, imagine what things would be like if Tanka had stayed healthy? Or Nova? Or Pineda?

    2. Come on Patrick, you know I don't drink! Trade Brett, you have got to be kidding! He and Cisco are the clutch hitters on this team.
      Cisco will be gone along with one of J.R. Murphy, Austin Romine, by way of trade.
      IIchiro, Jeter, Dean Ann, Kuroda, Wheeler, Drew, Capuano, CC all being cut, retirement, or traded.
      Of course, we add Prado, Ryan and our 3rd baseman!
      What comes next? How can we replace Beltran, Tex, CC or McCann? They are getting old and talent is fading fast. Beltran may have been hampered by his elbow problems, so he may be better next year. The same hold true for CC, with bad knees it is hard to get power on his pitches. My worry with CC is, I see changes with his mechanics, babying his knees and not getting good push...if this was true, he may have already hurt himself as a few other pitchers have over the years (Dizzy Dean, comes to mind)!

    3. There will def be a lot of change, again, this offseason. I don't think we have the balls to do it like the Red Sox did and will do, but you never know.

      If Pineda, Nova, and Tanaka stayed healthy I think we still struggle because their replacements did well, extremely well. Pineda, Nova, and Tanaka would lose 1-0 just like Greene and McCarthy.

    4. Agree, we have lost a few games because of our pitchers but only a few!
      NO BATS, that's the trouble all year. one can't win if one doesn't score a run!
      There were exceptions to the rule but, most games were lost because of NO timely or hitting at all.
      We don't need a stud pitcher (it would be nice) we need a guy like Cruz to sit at the #4 slot.
      Oh, wait...we have one, our 3rd baseman is coming back for next year, is he not? Of course we have no idea how well he will play, or hit!

  2. ROCKET...consult your doctor, because Brett Gardner may be packaged off.

    Sabathia, is no more than a shadow of himself. Did they fix his knee, or his fast ball ?
    Beltran...fix the elbow, and we'll see what we have.
    McCann...I feel will be a better hitter in his second year. ( I hope )
    Tex...nothing changes. Deal with it.

    So much negativity.......and now Chris Young is our best hitter ! Great stuff. will get better. You're raining on my parade.
    An Irishman from Hell's Kitchen who does not drink ? Is that true ?

    A cold Coors Light ? Only teasing.

    1. I can't see New York trading Brett Gardner, even if it makes sense. This isn't George's team anymore.

    2. I'd be extremely surprised if we traded away Gardner. The Yankees went against the old ways and signed him to an extension, and have gotten way more in return. I would think they'd need to be overwhelmed with the return, and although I love Gardy I don't see any team overwhelming the Yankees to get him.


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