Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Not Start David Phelps In Game Two?

The New York Yankees were undecided for much of the week on who would start the second game of today’s double header with the Baltimore Orioles before finally deciding on Bryan Mitchell. Manager Joe Girardi even mentioned the possibility of having a bullpen game, which makes sense with expanded rosters and September call ups. With David Phelps being activated today off the disabled list why not just let Phelps start the game?

If the team is willing to throw multiple relief pitchers at the Orioles in the nightcap anyway then what do you have to lose? I like the idea of Phelps testing out the elbow starting off a clean inning without being behind runs, etc. I like the idea of the pressure being off of Phelps so he can simply go out there and air it out and test out the injury. There really isn't much of a difference between him starting the first inning and starting the sixth inning, I get that and understand that, but Phelps is less likely to overthrow and try too hard to make the perfect pitch or blow someone away when the score is 0-0 then it is if New York is behind.

It’s a minor gripe, I know, but it was just on my mind before this double header today so I figured I would share. What say you?

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  1. I agree with that Daniel, except for the fact he was never suppose to be a starter in the first place. He is much better as a BP pitcher than as a starter...injury wise anyhow. Besides that, he has been off for a month or more and could only go for about 45/55 pitches.


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