Thursday, September 11, 2014

Young Urging Teammates to Not Get Too Ahead of Themselves

After coming back from a seemingly-huge four-run defecit to beat the Rays last night, it'd be understandable for the Yankees to be happy today.

For the first time all year, as you've probably already heard, they emerged victorious in a contest they trailed by more than three in, an occurance that you can't help but smile about.

Still, it was just one game. Yes, it was fun and all, but since that last sentence remains true they do have to move on, something new OF Chris Young pointed out after the W.

“(Wins like this) happen,” Young said. “You see it with all types of teams. … You know that if you continue to follow the cliché and just worry about the day that you have at hand — you don’t try to think about the hot streak. Let’s get hot, fellas, and win seven in a row. If you think like that, you think too far ahead."

Young then summed up his statement, although the message he was trying to convey had already been clarified.

"You have to literally focus on that day you have and enjoy the wins and get ready for the next one.”

Unfortunately for New York, though, that next one will be played tonight against Alex Cobb, Tampa Bay's ace whom they usually struggle against. 

No, that doesn't mean a loss this evening is likely, but considering that Cobb is one of those guys who shuts them down consistently it'd be illogical to not at least have some doubts, as this season's Yanks do often follow big wins with defeats.

(Quotes via The Journal News)

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